VOLOTEA Boeing 717 at Skiathos Airport

September 29, 2016 1 comment

Boeing 717-200 is very rare aircraft to be seen in Europe. There are very small number of them and one of airlines which use them in service is Spanish carrier VOLOTEA which mostly does a charter flights in Europe. In this post you will be able to see one of these birds in action landing at Greek island of Skiathos. This airport is very popular and also known as a second St. Marteen because it allows people to get very close to aircraft`s and stand behind them during Takeoff. Here is one nice video of Boeing 717 landing. Hope you will like this video and of course for lot more of my videos visit my You Tube channel and enjoy in lots of high quality aviation videos.

Volotea Boeing 717 landing at Skiathos Airport


1 Comment on “VOLOTEA Boeing 717 at Skiathos Airport

  1. So good I shared it on FB. Resonance makes it that good! If substitute “no longer working in the legal field” and your post illustrates the same fear motivated angst that I endured while working in the legal field. Coiaartulgtnons on taking flight!!! It’s so worth it!

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